A Fresh Look at the Veterans’ Scandal

by admin May 26, 2014

Let’s set the stage for discussing the scandal at the Department of Veterans Affairs: A new president, promising hope and change, campaigns to help veterans and improve their medical care. He appoints a decorated war hero to head the Veterans Bureau. But soon thousands of veterans complain about wait times and lack of treatment. On [...]

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Individual Rights or Community Rights?

by Burt May 12, 2014

The Founders of our nation argued strongly for individual rights. By that, they meant the right of each person to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. They believed that the sum of many people having such personal liberty would ultimately create strong communities. In other words, strong individual rights translated into vibrant communities and [...]

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In a Free Market, Racism Is No Winner

by Burt May 6, 2014

As almost everyone in America knows, Donald Sterling, owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, recently made some offensive racist comments. He is being punished severely by the NBA, and many blacks who worked for him have expressed shock and dismay about his statements. Most had no idea he was a racist, although some suspected it. [...]

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We Must Turn Back Piketty’s Charge

by Burt May 1, 2014

The latest book to capture “ooh-la-las” from Keynesian economists is Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the 21st Century. Piketty is a French economist, and Paul Krugman calls his new book “superb” and a “tour de force.” But actually, “tour de farce” might be more accurate. In Piketty’s new book, he argues that inequality has increased during [...]

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New Jersey Must Be Free!

by Anita April 23, 2014

Many American schoolchildren have been taught that Robert Fulton invented the steamboat in 1807 when he sailed his Clermont up the Hudson River.  Actually, Fulton wasn’t the first man to run a steamboat, and when he did, his boat was named the North River, which was the nickname New Yorkers gave the Hudson River. Schoolchildren, however, [...]

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The Story Behind “Uncle Sam Can’t Count”

by Burt April 15, 2014

Anita and I are in New York City today to promote our new book, Uncle Sam Can’t Count: A History of Failed Government Investments, from Beaver Pelts to Green Energy In many ways, during these last two years we both would have preferred to relax, travel, do some teaching, and send out occasional tweets. Why [...]

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Tax Day Is Coming – Remember, Uncle Sam Can’t Count!

by Anita April 11, 2014

Uncle Sam Can’t Count is the story of failed government subsidies in U.S. history from George Washington to Barack Obama.   No one else has told this story, so we have decided to tell it at last in our newest book! What’s especially remarkable about the stream of government aid—subsidies to the fur trade, steamships, railroads, airplanes, and even [...]

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FDR and the AAA

by Anita April 8, 2014

Franklin Roosevelt ran for president in 1932 actually promising to cut federal spending…. Roosevelt came into power, though, and he changed his mind. Roosevelt began pouring federal funds into the American economy, the equivalent of the modern-day stimulus package. One of them was called the Triple-A, the Agricultural Adjustment Administration. The idea here was for [...]

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Where Does Innovation Come From?

by Burt March 26, 2014

From railroads to cars to iPhones, innovation mainly comes from entrepreneurs and private investors eager to back a new idea. Mariana Mazzucato, who has recently written The Entrepreneurial State, challenges this view and argues that the U.S. government, at least since World War II, has been the prime source of innovation–or at least of funding [...]

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Is it Better to Save the World, or One Person in the World?

by Burt March 12, 2014

The answer to that question separates liberals from conservatives. Liberals want to save the world, and perfect it through various government programs. Conservatives believe that no one can save this imperfect world, but that we can, through our efforts, help one person at a time. When millions of conservatives help someone, the entire world is [...]

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