Keep the Gov’t Shut Down…Obamacare Costs Me $1,428 More Per Year!

by Burt on October 14, 2013

Guest Post by Adam Folsom

Some of you are wondering, “Who is Adam Folsom and why is Burt not writing this?” Don’t worry; my dad will be back next week.

I am the only the child of Burt and Anita. And like most kids, I turned out in many ways similar and in many ways different from my parents. I grew up regularly hearing the stories of Vanderbilt and the steamships, Hill and the railroads, and how the Mellon tax cuts created the roaring twenties.

Little did my parents know that the movie Rudy would probably have more impact on my young life than the great tales of capitalism. (Come on–how can you not want to put on a gold helmet and run out of the tunnel after watching that movie!)

When I was in high school, they sent me to a Young Americas Foundation seminar thinking that might really get me excited about free markets and economics. What I really was excited about afterwards was winning $36 playing “Pass the Trash” in the dorm during my time there. Don’t get me wrong–I certainly do care about politics and believe in limited government and freedom (and I do recommend young people go to YAF seminars…. YAF offers much more than just “Pass the Trash.”). It just doesn’t ooze out of my very being like it does with Dad.

I moved to Atlanta after graduation in 2007 (with a degree in economics) and have been working in finance ever since. Until this month. A few weeks back I resigned from my full time job with health insurance to pursue other interests. I own some rental property and am starting to sing in small venues (Folsoms love to be onstage). So I did what any good Gen Y person would do about health insurance, I googled it. Turns out I didn’t have to enter in very much information at all into, and they gave me 89 different health insurance options with four different providers. Not bad. I saw that for $103 per month starting October 1st, I could have a $3,500 Out of Pocket Max with a limit of six $20 doctor visits. I’ve only been to the doctor’s office twice since graduation, and for me $3,500 is a doable amount if I had an emergency.

Then week before last, I saw the Obamacare rates headlines flash by my Yahoo home screen. Being less idealistic than my parents, I would gladly sign up for a program if it would save me some coin. So I go to and try to sign up for an account. All I receive are errors messages, servers down, or account could not be created.

Well, it is now two weeks later and after trying everyday, I finally was able to create an account and see what my rates would be if I signed up for an Obamacare plan. I had 40 options to choose from. I found the same $3,500 Out of Pocket Max and looked for the cheapest rate, $222 per month. That is 115% more ($1,428 more per year) than I am currently paying. I couldn’t believe it was more than double. So then I looked at the cheapest plan that is available to me, $132 per month (that is with over $6,000 Out of Pocket Max). Any plan I chose was going to be significantly more money.

I always look with skepticism when a politician gets on tv and talks about what would happen to a family or individual when their plan comes into place (the promised result is always a better situation). I am not some fictional person made up by a candidate asking for your vote. I’m an actual guy (and many of this blog’s readers know me), who is out in the world chasing a dream to perform music and have it played on the radio. $1,428 a year is a big increase, which shouldn’t be any surprise if you read this blog regularly. Why would the gov’t be able to provide insurance at cheaper rates than the free market could? Hmmmm…. That problem sounds familiar. Maybe I was listening to the Vanderbilt stories after all.

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