American Heritage: Hillsdale College’s Online Course

by Burt on February 19, 2013

On February 25th, Hillsdale College will launch its latest online course, American Heritage.

Ten lectures are featured during the course, all given by Hillsdale College professors including Burton Folsom.

For more information and to register for the course, go to

Below is a list of the lecture topics and the professors.

1.”Introduction: How to Think About American History”
Larry P. Arnn
Lecture Available February 25

2.”Colonial Settlement”
Mark Kalthoff
Lecture Available March 4

3.”Enlightenment and Natural Rights”
Terrence Moore
Lecture Available March 11

4.”The American Founding”
Paul Rahe
Lecture Available March 18

5.”Democracy: American Promise and its Dangers”
Paul Rahe
Lecture Available March 25

6.”The Crisis of the Union”
David Raney
Lecture Available April 1

7.”The Gilded Age and the Robber Barons”
Burt Folsom
Lecture Available April 8

Paul Moreno
Lecture Available April 15

9.”America as a World Power”
Tom Conner
Lecture Available April 22

10.”The Reagan Revolution”
Terrence Moore
Lecture Available April 29

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